Message from our CEO

ArmandoSomething I learned after many long years working in different countries and different projects is how important it is to have the right people in the right place. TEAMWORK is the key to success! Proactive Attitude is so hard to find. People who can provide solutions before starting to give explanations or excuses is a major key in any project. In AU consultant group, we are very careful to bring professionals from different places with this kind of attitude. We offer our client efficiency in all the services we provide.
Responsibility, and the highest ethical conduct is part of our core of values.
Every project has a budget and a time to finish. We are very conscious about this and we have the methods to control each project to stay on what was planned. AU consultant group knows much about how to work with early opportunities in order to keep our projects on cost and on time. It is not only a matter to prepare a list of risks but more important to step ahead to avoid them from the beginning. I want to mention what is really important in AU consult group apart of what was mentioned before and that is safety. We always have a great compromise to keep every individual as safe as possible and to return them every day back to their family.
Please join us with this principle, starting in your home.
Thank you.

What We Do

AU Consultant Group’s construction Management Consultants have assisted a wide range of clients on a myriad of projects throughout the world. From front end planning and project management to construction claims and litigation consulting, our consultants have successfully provided proactive and cost-effective project support for decades in one of more of the following:

Project Planning
Project Control Management
Risk Analysis
Construction Claim